Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Faulty Perception (1/13/14)

Perception has always been a key determinant when dealing with your surroundings. Every person whose gaze captures another human being immediately categorizes that person based upon their own knowledge. Often times, these categorizations are wrong. How many times have we looked at a person and contemplated over who they were? People fear the unknown and that is not about to change. The fact is, people guess and assume whether or not they are ignorant of the subject at hand. This applies to everything from people to the very buildings you see on the street. There's a certain kind of sadness about it, the kind that is labeled with adjectives such as tragic or harsh. Luckily, this sadness was avoided with the building on 27 Newton Street. The architecture of the building was that of the late Georgian period causing it to have extreme architectural value. The structure was partially from the 1840s when the building was first made.
Upon first glance, this building appeared to be well beyond help. It was dilapidated and, truth be told, the kind of building that would have been demolished in the USA. However, when I arrived there it appeared to be a work in progress. It emitted a feeling of hope, of a second chance for a home. Because of its historical significance, this building was saved. No passerby without the proper knowledge would have known this building was something of much historical value. Luckily, this building was discovered by someone with the proper knowledge before it could be eradicated. A good thing would have gone to waste all because of a person's ignorance. Maybe it's just me, but that is a saddening thought.

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