Friday, January 17, 2014

Photos: Falmouth All Age School (1/17/14)

Everyone posing at the Falmouth All Age School.

Ian, Emily, Riane, Brayden, Hanna, and Falmouth teacher Mr. Morris interacting in a classroom.

Megan smiling with a sixth grade student at the school.

Jodi helping a sixth grader with her work.

Dr. Quillin and Dr. Lee agreeing with a sign outside of the school.

Kirby and Grace playing card, while Falmouth students play on the girls' phones.

Liz helps a first grader with her work.

Jodi and Liz raise their hands as they interact in a first grade classroom.

The Falmouth students play with Grace's hair as she attempts to play cards with Kirby.

Hanna and Falmouth student Armando compare skin colors.

Brayden is discussing Jamaican culture with a ninth grade student.