Sunday, January 19, 2014

Photos: Windsor Cave Hike (1/19/14)

Students learn about the native Taíno people from Dr. Conolley. 

Dr. Quillin compares his hand to the print left on the 1936 generator.

Students and Dr. Quillin climb the steep trail up to the Windsor Cave entrance.

Mr. Harding and Dr. Lee discuss the landscape.

Rim, our guide, clears the trail with his machete.

Grace, Megan, and Elizabeth climb the steep trail.

Dr. Conolley climbs down into the cave the secure a rope railing.

The petroglyph that guards the Windsor Cave entrance. 

Brayden listens as Dr. Conolley explains the placement of the face on the petroglyph.

Jodi and Dr. Conolley sit inside the cave to look at the petroglyph.

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