Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our Automated Computer Aided Design/Drafting Experience (1/20/14)

While in Falmouth we worked on the house located at 27 Newton Street that was constructed pre-1850. It consisted of a main house and two additions to provide more living space over the year. Half of the group took in the task of measuring and drawing two of the walls in the house. The first group consisted of Ian, Emily, and Isabella, who drew the interior elevation of the north-south partition wall. The second group consisted of Megan, Kirby, and Jodi, who drew the interior elevation of the east wall. After all of the measurements had been taken and the wall drawn in a scaled image it had to be constructed of the computer. Ian and I took on this task using the program Automated Computer Aided Design/Drafting or AutoCAD for short. This worked basically the same as drawing the picture on a piece of paper, except all the lines were automatically straight and instead of having to draw the line down to the millimeter the computer would do the measuring. The basic process was creating a horizontal line as the floor, which was the length of the wall, and a vertical line connected to the left end of the line, which was the height of the wall. Then that line was offset either up or to the right depending on the line. The basic structure was done with thin black lines, the wall boards and boards that were pieced together to create a larger piece of wood were done in with thin light grey lines, and boards that we imagine to be cut through for the sake of the drawing were down in thick black lines. Putting this all together we ended up with the two drawings bellow. It turns out that atleast on one of our drawings, the one Ian and I measured, was was only 1/8 of an inch off of the measurements from the already completed drawings of the house. Because of this our drawings will be incorporated into the official documentation that Falmouth Heritage Renewal will submit to the Falmouth building authorities when the house in complete.

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