Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Glowing Lagoon (01/18/14)

Today, the entire group went to a dock a few miles out of Falmouth to take a twilight swim in the bioluminescent lagoon. Upon arrival at the dock we noticed several tables set up in the center and a bar located on the far left wall. If you were to look to your right, you could see stairs outlined with vibrantly lit lights which led you up to a small eating area. Forming a picture of this area would only lead you to one conclusion- that this place is a restaurant on the water. Indeed it was, the entire area, both restaurant and dock, were called Glistening Waters. A very understated name because the water did more than glisten, it glowed. Before too long, our boat pulled up to the dock. It was small and wooden, but not in a bad or unnerving way that would give one the feeling that it would break apart. It looked sturdy yet ancient, like something out of an old novel, like we were just about to step into another amazing adventure. The group loaded onto the boat and upon departure, the captain of the boat had already started to shower us with information. He was a very outgoing person, and I think everyone could tell that he was anything but shy because of his booming voice and jolly spirit. He informed everyone on the boat that the water had a bioluminescent microorganism living beneath the depths of the lagoon. He said that in the 60's, a scientist named John Hopkins came to Jamaica to study this lagoon. He collected the obvious facts that it was bioluminous and was living in the lagoon, but he hadn't made any exemplary discoveries. All this while, we were drifting to the center of the lagoon where the captain then told us that if someone was eight feet tall and was to stand in the water, the mud on the bottom would come up to their knees. He then proceeded to stop the boat and twirl it around making a major disturbance in the water. After a few spins, he then shouted to us to look out of the sides and back of the boat. Upon doing so, we saw the glowing in the water; the bioluminescent microorganisms were creating a glowing aquamarine trail behind the motor of the boat. After a few more spins, the boat stopped, and everyone was told to go jump in and swim. The entire group jumped into the water and immediately said that it was warm and began to wave their hands, feet and legs under the water making the surrounding areas of the water light up like a light blue UV light. The water was indeed warm, and the glowing-effect spread everywhere. Despite the darkness of the starless night sky, you could easily tell who the person was that was swimming in front of you. The reason for this was that every time someone moved, the aquamarine lights would show you who they were. Feeling the mud on the floor of the water felt like the ground was quicksand and you had but minutes before you went slipping through it. Before long, we were all called back into the boat to leave. Everyone had their final swim to get to the small, wooden ladder to climb back onto the boat. After everyone was comfortably seated on a seat and wrapped up in a towel, we sped off back to the dock leaving a trail of beautiful glowing lights behind us in the water.

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