Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Elizabeth Somerville House (1/18/14)

This morning, given it was a free day, instead of sleeping in like everyone else, Jodi, Riane, Isabella, and I went into Falmouth to get our hair done near the headquarters of the Falmouth Heritage Renewal, at 8 Trelawny Street. The braider was referred to us by KeVaughn, who, when asked by his students to have their hair braided, takes them to her. The lady that did our hair was named Rosie. It is common for Jamaican people to have their business in the front part of their house, then have their living quarters in the back.  She has lived in the house since the mid 1990s. The house isn't just an ordinary house, as it is an important piece of Falmouth history. Called the "Elizabeth Somerville house", it was built by Elizabeth Somerville, who was a freed colored slave in the 19th century. She built the house in 1836. Falmouth had a high population of their community that were free colored slaves--as high as 40%. Elizabeth Somerville was one of the first women to buy property after emancipation in 1834. Currently, Rosie lives there, but doesn't own the house. Someone else bought it in 1996, and allows her to live there for free. Its interesting how in Jamaica, its common for people to live in a house under someone else's name.

The Elizabeth Somerville House

Riane getting a wrap put in her hair

Isabella getting braids with beads at the ends

Jodi getting a red and blue wrap in her hair

Last but not least, Megan getting braids on the side of her head.

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