Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Amazing Hike (1/19/14)

When the teachers said that we were going on a hike I took a deep breath because I knew it would be a long day. After church we got our long pants (a.k.a. Jeans) on and went out. Not knowing what to expect, I prepared myself for the worst. We hiked a little with a guy named Rim, but people called him "Caveman". He is an archeologist with a machete. We stopped at a old ruin which was a building but got demolished. It was used for mining the bat guano for export. We went up the mountain and then started to hike. Dr. Conolley taught us how to hold a persons hand when helping them up. He said, and I quote, "it's not nice like the movies, you have to grab them by the wrist to get a nice grip." That's exactly what Jodi and I did the whole way up. I loved how we all helped each other make it up the mountain. I looked back and I saw everyone helping each other lending a hand. Finally we got up to the cave where the Taino artifacts had been spotted. The Windsor Cave (which is the one we went to) which was near the source of the Martha Brae river that ran throughout Trelawny. Looking down at the cave you think "oh, it's not that deep," but then you lean a little closer and see it's like a dark hole of nothing. The petroglyph we went to go see  was of a woman and a snake, which was weathered quite a bit. Even though I was all sweaty I felt a sense of accomplishment, and I loved the hike going up. Going down was a different story. It was fun because it was down hill, but Brayden was making it like Temple Run and putting tree trunks and rocks in our way. After we got through the live Temple Run, we ran all the way back down. It was amazing seeing nature at its most dangerous , and to see every one working as a team.

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